Thursday, March 31, 2011


March Goal Review (strap yourselves in, this ain't gonna be pretty):

1.  Get calorie counts on recipes and start tracking calories again.  Fail.

2.  Core 3x per week. Fail.

3.  Do our taxes. Started and almost completely finished.

Informally: complete the Warrior Dash and have fun, keep going with P90X and running and "lots" of workouts, keep tracking water intake and try to hit daily goals (100 oz/day) there.  Check, check, and check.  (Looks like informal goals are a little more successful for me right now!!)

April Goals:

1.  Get calorie counts on recipes and start tracking calories again. (Seriously. I need to get it together here.  I can do this.  I have no excuse.)

2.  Run at least 2x per week.

3.  Core at least 2x per week.

4.  Finish taxes and submit on time.

5.  Get Preston to finish the upstairs floor.  (Or call a handyman.)

Informal goals: complete Bellaire Trolley run with a post-pregnancy PR, keep going with the "lots" of workouts of any ilk (especially during out-of-town times), keep tracking water intake and try to hit daily goals, go spend Easter with my family.

Weight on 2/28 was 140.8.  Weight this morning: 139.2.  Official weight loss this month 1.6 lbs.  Not quite as much as I would hope for, but honestly, not surprising either.  It is no excuse, but the pounds are getting harder to lose as I dip under 10 pounds to goal weight.  I'm working out hard when I work out, but I've been slacking on the weekends.  And between the workouts and the breastfeeding, I'm constantly hungry, and by not counting calories for the past 2 months I've been trying to cut myself some slack.  However, with slack comes less weight loss.  I don't want to jeopardize the breastfeeding, which I believe at this point is my limiter, so 1-2 lbs a month might be the best I can do until we quit.  Which hopefully isn't for at least 6 more months.  The good news is last weekend I managed to go the whole weekend without going over 140.  That is a BIG deal for me right now.  And hopefully marks the permanent transition out of the 140's.  Which is also a big deal for me.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Solids!

The first feeding of solids did, in fact, happen last Thursday, and we did go with oatmeal.  I decided to do it for Elevensies so that she can empty both my boobs during Breakfast and Second Breakfast if she is only taking one side per meal.  Also because since she normally has Breakfast around 5:30 and Second Breakfast around 7:30, that actually means she is eating Elevensies around 8:30-9ish, which is when we eat our adult breakfast on the weekends, so the whole family can sit down for a meal.

It went really well.  I heated up 2 oz of breastmilk in the normal bottle-in-hot-water way and mixed it with 1 tbsp of oatmeal.  I bibbed her up with the most ginormous bib I could find, stuck her in her high chair, and away we went.

The Z was ready to eat.  She saw the spoon coming for her mouth and she opened *wide*, first try, no fuss.  Now, I'm still guessing at least half of the stuff ended up *on* her instead of *in* her, but these first solids aren't really about nutrition anyways.

Oh, and she was so cute - I'd let her take the spoon away from me and try to feed herself, and at the end I gave her the bowl and she "drank" from it.

Current eating schedule is this (ish, very very ish)
5:30 Breakfast: giant bottle (usually 7-10 oz) or bf
7:30 Second Breakfast: tiny bottle or bf and fall asleep
9 Elevensies: Oatmeal
10:30 Luncheon: bottle or bf
12:30 Afternoon Tea: bottle or bf
3 Dinner: bottle or bf
5 Supper: bf (this one is usually another biggie)
7 Evening Snack: bf
She takes about 30 oz a day when I'm at work, plus 2 oz of solids and 2 breastfeeding sessions.  She's a big eater!

I've got a ton of pics, but Preston uploaded them from my phone, so I'll have to wait to post them.

I'm thinking we might try Rice cereal for Afternoon Tea this coming weekend.  Then it is on to the good stuff!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Warrior Dash Race Report

So I had signed up for the Warrior Dash in Dallas in 2010 before I found out I was pregnant, and before I got injured.  Even up until the week before I was somehow hoping that I could do it.  But it would have been stupid and a risk to the baby, so I didn't.  But I was so jealous as I watched Preston leap over flames and dive into mud while I stood there all giant and hot and uncomfortable.  I vowed to come back and do the race.  So imagine my excitement when I learned there was going to be one closer to home!

We dropped the Z off at her grandparents and headed to Conroe.  (Looking back on this, next time we can just sign up for waves an hour apart and take her with.)  Parked in a giant field and took a school bus over to the site.

Thank you, Tre'vion W. and Dewine for the use of your seat.  And when did Tre'vion become such a popular name that it required a last initial???
Picked up the packets and got the timing chips on.

Don't want to lose these!!

Wandered around for a little while, then got started.  The beginning of the "race" was mostly running.  We ran and ran and then ran through strong wind generated by an airboat locked into place.  Then we ran up some steep hills on a motorcross course.  When we got to the top of one of the hills, there was a dude with a serious water hose, and we had to slide down the other side.

I'm not gonna lie: I was already hot and this felt *great*!!  Also, note to future self, or to any woman who does this: tights would be a better choice.

Then we ran some more.  Got to a sort of log-jam of people.  Turns out there was a crawl-through-the-dark obstacle that could only take a few people at a time.  Note to anyone who wants to win this: go in the first wave.

Then we ran some more and came to a bunch of ropes to climb over and under and all around.

More running, then low walls to scale and barbed wire to duck.

More running, then a short cargo net to scale, and it was stretched over the top too (this was the hard part), then down the other side.

More running to a real, hard-core cargo net.  Maybe 30-40 feet high.  I made the mistake of looking down.  DO NOT look down!!!

Short little run to a tire field.  Fun!

Short little run to a creek with logs to go over.  Also fun!

Short little run to hay bales to climb.

Short little run to fire to leap!

 Short little run to a mud pit with barbed wire stretched over it to go under.

Short little run to the end!

Got the requisite picture with Preston.

Then headed over to the celebration for our free beers!

Then wandered over to donate our muddy shoes.

Shoe carnage.

And finally headed home to our baby.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bart Dream

My godfather passed away the other week. Aortic aneurysm. He was only in his 60's. I hadn't seen him in a long time... 2007 at my wedding reception, I think.

The night after I found out, I had a dream that he was visiting me at work. I knew I was dreaming and he was dead in the waking world, and I ached inside because he seemed so real, so alive. I told him I was dreaming and he had died, and he told me he knew. And he took my hands in his big warm hands, and looked into my eyes and told me it was going to be ok and he was ok.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Starting Solids

I think this weekend is going to be *the* weekend.  The weekend in which the Z takes her first bite of something other than a teether.  The first weekend of the rest of her gastronomical life.  Which she will begin with either rice cereal or oatmeal, nom nom! (Ha! - and no, I haven't decided which yet.  This once-weekly pooping pattern is making me think probably oatmeal, since it has more fiber... we'll see!)

Zoë currently "eats" about 7 times per day.  In my geekiness, I use Pipin's (from LOTR) meal names, so: Breakfast, 2nd Breakfast, Elevensies, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, and Supper.  At the moment, Elevensies and Dinner have both been feedings that she doesn't eat very much at, and so I'm thinking they are the perfect candidates to look at for solids.

Plus, Mommy has a long weekend coming up this weekend, so we have 4 days to practice before hitting Gramma with the new mealtime joy/mess.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No Race Report Yet

They're killing me with not getting the photos up!  Of course, you know that because I'm waiting and hoping for a good photo that I'll be making a goofy face in all of them!

This morning I tried Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, workout 1.  It is about 30 minutes long, rough if you really do the whole thing and don't take breaks (like she yells at you not to), but in the end I didn't feel like it was good enough.  Not enough abs, not enough cardio.  It would have been great, wonderful, stellar even, during those first 3 months postpartum when I had very little time and I needed something I could do while Z napped, or in fits and starts.  And it might be nice for a quick weekender or off-day workout.  But it can't come to the regular party.  Not now.  Not when I'm really starting to want to see results.  I suppose another option would be to piggyback multiple workouts from that disc (there are 3) together for a harder time...

After that I also tried P90X Stretch.  I'm all tight and sore from the Warrior Dash, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to see what it is all about.  I only had time for the first 30 minutes (of 60), so I'm doing an incomplete review.  It is another that I like, but that won't make it into my weekly repertoire.  It can slot in instead of a Yoga as an off-day or weekender.  Or as a recovery like this morning.  But it is what it sounds like: a bunch of stretches.  I love to stretch.  Stretching feels good.  But if I've only got an hour a day, I need more.  It isn't like the P90X Yoga that can count as a hard core workout in and of itself.  The Yoga is definitely harder than the Stretch.  But it was nice.

You know, writing this post I'm having flashbacks to my mom when I was a kid.  She had all the Jane Fonda workouts.  I always danced around with her... then as I got older I started to think workout videos were lame, for old flabby people who couldn't do anything... look at me: the old flabby mom working out in her bedroom first thing every morning!!  But I'm not doing these videos because they are easy, and I'm not playing at exercise.  This is just the simplest way for me to get in a workout right now without worrying about childcare or my running clothes that still barely fit or anything else.  But I've gotta say: I can't wait until the Z is 6 months old so I can take her for a run in the BOB!  I'm ready to ditch these videos and become a runner again!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend randomness

One more precious St. Pat's Day pic:

It is well established how fascinating The Kid finds cups.  Well, apparently that extends to cans.  I think in this picture I captured the very first taste she had of something that wasn't breastmilk or medicine.  Pepsi would NOT have been my first choice, but there it is.

Spoons also now qualify as fascinating.  And yummy.  (I think she is really really ready to start with the baby cereal.)

Worked in the backyard on Saturday.  Here is the former spa-hold all filled with leaves.  Need to go get some dirt!

Z hanging out in her swing while we worked.

Playing with cousin Ethan's "camera" at Nana and Papa's house.

With Ethan at a restaurant.  She just kept staring at him.

Luckily she didn't eat any of these! ;-)  But the container sure made for some fun playing.

Asleep on her side.  A few weeks ago she started doing this, and I just had to take a pic.  Now you can lay her down on her back in the crib and she immediately turns on her side and that thumb goes straight into her mouth.  Super cute!

Tomorrow I'll do a race report on the Warrior Dash that we ran on Sunday.  (After I see if they have any pics I want to buy - fingers crossed that the one of me leaping over flames came out looking cool!!)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Kiss us, we're Irish!

Did P90X Kenpo this morning, or most of it.  I like it - it is good stuff.  Decent cardio, and I might be sore tomorrow.  I'm terrible at the downward sweeping blocks, though.  You should see it - I can make the motion, but then when I'm going to do the other hand, my first hand sort of spazzes randomly, and then isn't in place to make the motion again when it is its turn.  If I try to rotate my fist and bring it to my side like I'm supposed to, my opposite hand doesn't make the blocking motion properly.  For some reason that sequence for me is like patting my head and rubbing my tummy, only worse because I never got it!!  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

P90X and Workout Musings

I'm still going with P90X - 6 weeks and counting!  I saw big and drastic improvements in the beginning, but now they, and the weight loss/redistribution seem to be slowing.  I'm starting to think that it is about time to add some running and maybe swimming/cycling back into the mix...

But first, 2 more commentaries on the various P90X DVDs.  Since my last P90X post I've tried Core Synergistics and Cardio X.  Core was fascinating to me because it was difficult, but I didn't feel like it was targeting my core in particular while I did it.  This may be to my credit: I try to focus on my core during all workout sessions.  But afterwards I *felt* it.  This DVD did its job!  I think it will be a really nice addition to my Cores I, II, and III routine.  And Ab Ripper X.  You know, for variety!  Cardio X was more mild than Plyo, but still relatively cardio intensive, and it made me sore in some new places/ways.  I think part of that is because it included bits of Kenpo, which I still haven't tried.  It also includes bits of Yoga X and of Core Synergistics, so it would be a nice well-rounded P90X workout if I was trying to shotgun a bunch of aspects of P90X in one sitting.  I'll be keeping that in mind as I venture back towards some tri-training.

I'm still not sure what an ideal week should/could look like for me.  I'm going to use this space real quick as a musing ground.  Feel free to jet if I start to bore you! ;-)  So I've got a number of routines that I like/want to do.  Here they are (will also list the time involved if it is a known quantity - not the time on the DVD, but the time it takes me):
Cores I, II, III (30 min)
P90X: Ab Ripper X (15 min)
P90X: Core Synergistics (50 min)
P90X: Chest & Back (45 min)
P90X: Plyometrics (60 min)
P90X: Arms & Shoulders (50 min)
P90X: Legs & Back (50 min)
P90X: Kenpo
P90X: Cardio X (50 min)
P90X: X Stretch (haven't tried yet)
P90X: Back & Biceps (haven't tried yet)
P90X: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (haven't tried yet)
P90X: Yoga X (90 min)
Yoga Zone Total Body 2 (20 min)
Tae Bo Cardio Circuit 1 (35 min)

That's what, 19 options?  And I have 7 hours per week right now, max.  Ok, what if we group them by discipline...


Cores I, II, III (30 min)
P90X: Ab Ripper X (15 min)
P90X: Core Synergistics

Upper body:
P90X: Chest & Back
P90X: Arms & Shoulders
P90X: Back & Biceps (haven't tried yet)
P90X: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (haven't tried yet)

Lower body:
P90X: Legs & Back
P90X: Plyometrics (Also under Cardio)


P90X: Kenpo

P90X: Cardio X
Tae Bo Cardio Circuit 1 
P90X: Plyometrics (also under Lower body)

P90X: X Stretch (haven't tried yet)

P90X: Yoga X
Yoga Zone Total Body 2

Hmmmm.... if I didn't count Core as an official category (more or a tack-on to something else), and I wanted to get in at least 2 runs, 1 bike, and a swim a week... what if we did something like this:
Monday: Upper Body category
Tuesday: Run, Ab Ripper X if time
Wednesday: Plyometrics
Thursday: morning Cardio category, evening Bike
Friday: Swim, Cores I, II, III if time
Saturday: longer Run
Sunday: Yoga/Stretch category or off
That would give me lots of cardio to try and get the rest of this weight off... this, of course, is very non-specific, but I could always substitute out P90X mornings in favor of run, swim, or bike if I was training for something specific.  The shorter routines can sub in when I'm short on time.  I could also try to get Preston to take Z for awhile on Sunday to get in another bike or run.  There is always the option to throw in some core or biking on the trainer in the evenings during TV time (motivation is my major problem, here).  I just really really need to be making use of ALL mornings before Z wakes up.  I need to go ahead and get up on Fridays, when I've usually been sleeping in.  And I need to be more proactive on Saturdays.  I also need to be more proactive about exploring/using my childcare options.

I can do this.  I can have fun, train, and get this weight off.  And in these trying times when exercise really helps me to cope, I need to remember to put myself first and do it so I can be a better mom, wife, boss.

Weight this morning: 139.6.  Onward!

Updated to include: There is also a workout every Tuesday evening at work.  Once I get back on a regular schedule, I would love to return to that.  (I had started after I was preggo but before I knew.  It was an ass-kicker then.  Might be a bit easier now, but I'm in worse shape now...)  It is a good way to get in a two-a-day easily and not have to worry about child care.  If I go back to Reggie, I might switch the run to Monday morning and the P90X upper body to Tuesday morning, since Reggie is more cardio/legs.  Anyways, yay!  I had forgotten about that opportunity!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What would you do?

If you only had 2 months to live?

I know this blog has tended towards the sad lately, but there is a lot going on in my life that is, well, sad at the moment.  So I'll just say this: cancer sucks.  I am inspired by dignity and peacefulness with which this man is handling his situation.  Through his example I can learn patience, nobleness, thoroughness, and peacefulness.

Through his situation I am reminded that life is precious.  I named my daughter "life" in honor of that belief. 

A friend emailed me this the other day: "Keep present…watch your darling little girl….she is your pointer to the truth."  Beautiful.  Live every moment, because you never know which is your last.

But also live your life, because by the time they tell you you have 2 months left, you won't have the time or energy for that bucket list.

So what is your bucket list?  What would you do if you only had 2 months to live and they were 2 good quality months and there were no strings attached? 

The more I think of it, if I knew right now that I only had 2 months, I'd want to travel.  I'd pack up P and Z and buy an around-the-world ticket, and I'd start seeing stuff, tasting stuff, doing stuff.  Nothing specific, just an attempt at really experiencing the world we live in, instead of riding my office chair into oblivion and saving for a future that only ends in death.  

I'm thinking that this should translate forward into my life: instead of taking cheap/safe options, I need to at least occasionally opt for the more experiential ones.  So that I'm *living* my life.  I need to be present in the now and *live*.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

At Jax, flirting with Mommy.

Oh, wait, I have a toy!

Nom nom?

Omg, I want Daddy's cup so bad!

Asleep at the grocery store - don't even think about stealing her toy!

Blue Man Group.

Blue Man balls.

Two-fisting crepes after the show.

Napping on Daddy. (Practically the only nap she took that day.)

Flirting with Nana.

Clapping with Aunt Kristen.

(Sunday was all about working around the house.  We won't go there with pictures!)

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Monday, March 7, 2011

On Working and Pumping

So I've been really lucky.  I am a manager - I have an office with a door that closes and locks.  I work primarily at my desk on a computer, and I can pump and work at the same time.  The only difficulty I ever face is scheduling pumping around meetings.  Which really isn't that difficult, most of the time.

I have my pumping routine down to a science.  It takes 30 minutes, exactly.  5 minutes to set up, 20 pumping, 5 to break down.  It goes like this: get out pump, plug in, take off clothes, put on pumping sports bra, insert cones, screw on bottles, attach bottles to flanges, plug in tubing, attach to bottles, turn on pump, grab lanolin and sit on it to warm while pumping, "start session" of pumping on iPod Baby Timer so I don't have to think, pump for 20 minutes, end pump session in BabyTimer, detach tubing, let pump continue to run, take bottles off, drain membranes, take flanges off, drain into bottles, combine bottles into 1 for storage, cap, check quantity pumped and enter into BabyTimer, screw parts onto new bottles, place new bottles and pumped milk in fridge, wipe down flanges (at home wash and sterilize), apply lanolin, get dressed, change out nursing pads if necessary, turn off pump, detach, coil, store tubing, zip pump, store.

I don't know how women who only have a 15 minute break do this.  It would be only 5 minutes of pumping for me, and I swear, I'm not wasting any time here!

Luckily, until Sunday, this wasn't a problem for me, because of the office and the ability to work while pumping.  But Sunday you have to be on the floor all day except for your 15 minute break.  I mentioned my concern to one lady, who consoled me with "at least the bathroom is just across the hall".  I didn't say this, but I wanted to: "Do YOU prepare YOUR FOOD in a BATHROOM??  No?  Then why should I prepare my tiny-not-fully-developed-immune-system BABY'S food in a bathroom?"  And, "Where do you want me to sit, on the public toilet that doesn't have a lid?  With my pants down or up?  While I prepare my BABY'S FOOD in the bathroom?"  What I did say was this, "I don't even think there are outlets in the stalls... are there?  I might just have to run down to my office."   This was a woman that I was talking to, y'all.  A woman.  A childless woman, but still.

Luckily the manager-in-charge on Sunday was a little more forward-thinking.  She scheduled me in a low-traffic location for one hour, and relieved me and told me to take all the time I needed.  Thank goodness for her!!

Thank You for Your Service

Yesterday I had to work.  I hate working Sundays because it is always 4 hours straight on the public floor.  No rest for the weary, nowhere to hide.  Oh, and not what I normally do, so no comfort level.

I was just working my day away when an Army woman (dressed in full camo) came up and asked me where the catalog was.  I showed her and told her to let me know if she needed any help.  I wanted to thank her for her service, but felt like an ass.  The words seem so hollow, since it is not my life on the line.  And I was at work.  I didn't know what was appropriate.  So I didn't say anything.

She came up to me later and asked me if we had something.  I checked the catalog and couldn't find it.  I was a little panicked, because I really wanted to help this woman.  It seemed so wrong that I might not be able to get her what she wanted.  So I went to WorldCat and did a keyword search in combination with the author's last name, and got a better authority on the author.  Then I came back to our catalog and searched by the author, and lo and behold we had something, and it was an ebook that she could access from anywhere.  As this was happening, another customer came up and thanked her for her service.  I almost cried right there (stupid hormones).  There was just something so powerful about it.  It always makes me think of my grandfather's funeral when they handed my Alzheimer's addled grandmother the flag and thanked her for Papa's service, and she pulled it together right in that moment and accepted that flag with all the grace and poise of someone who was totally mentally competent.

Anyways, the other lady walked away, and I showed the servicewoman how to access the ebook, and she got *so* excited.  And I felt so gratified.  I may not have thanked her for her service with my words, but I gave her the best service I could so she could do her job.  And that made me happy.

I want to say a virtual "thank you for your service" to that woman and to everyone else who serves, or has served in the armed forces.  I come from a Navy family, and I have nothing but thanks and respect for our armed service members, completely independent of any political views I have.  Thank you for your service.


It seems my blog is very worky lately. That feels dangerous, and I think I'm going to veer away from work again after this post, but I have to say something.

We got an email on Thursday that basically means that about 1/4 of people at work will be laid off. I do not know if I will be one of the quarter, but I certainly don't feel safe. I got my résumé together on Friday and applied for a job that a friend had told me about. On Monday I had to gather my staff and break the bad news. I don't know if they are in the quarter either, but they need to not feel safe. Then I cried all the way home.

I am having trouble processing my feelings on this. On the one hand, right after I got the news: shock, betrayal, doom, fear, crushing sadness. On the other hand, I'd love to be home with Zoë. Or if I found a new job, the beginning of something new - always exciting. Or the opportunity to potentially move somewhere cool - also exciting. I can feel the potential out there! But there was something very different about contemplating quitting to be a stay at home mom versus being forced out. Or worse yet, being retained but moved into a job that I hate to plug a hole. I'd really prefer being laid off to working with the public, and that's the honest truth of it.

Update: still no new news, but I've been sitting on this post for a few days, and I feel the need to get it out there, even incomplete... I don't have it in me to work on it, and I need to move past it emotionally. (Don't know if it'll work, but here goes nothing!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011


February goal review:

1. Core workout every day: Fail.  Big massive fail, actually.  I think I made it 8 days before I gave this one up to the ghost.

Lesson learned: I cannot commit to doing ANYTHING every day right now.  Not even a stupid little 100 crunches.  Sometimes the baby time-suck is just too much and the exhaustion is just too great.

I still need to be working on my core, though.

2.  No ice cream in February.  Fail.  But this one was a technical fail but a resounding success of purpose.  The purpose of this was to un-addict me from my nightly ice cream, and in that respect I was successful.  The technical fail is due to 3 slips: a root beer float when out on a date with Preston, a shake at Jax, and another homemade root beer float last weekend, just because I really wanted one.  I was proud of myself for not beating myself up over these slips: my diet philosophy has always been "anything in moderation", and I often find denying myself something completely leads to an unhealthy fixation.  But hypocritically, I tend to beat myself up when I eat something "bad", so I'm proud of my mental game in February, too.

Informal goals:

"Lots of" workouts - check.
Calorie tracking - fail.
"Finish" C25K - fail but technical success.  I've just skipped finishing it and gone straight to running 3 milers.
Run a race - check.  Piney Woods 5K Trail Run completed!

Goals for March:

1.  Get calorie counts on recipes and start tracking calories again.  I was bad last month.  I think part of my problem is that we started cooking at home a lot, and I don't have those recipes entered into my calorie tracker, and so I just quit bothering.  Time to get that remedied!

2.  Hmm... I still need work on my core.  What if I made 3x per week my goal?  I think I could do that.  And again, the fallback will be 100 crunches.  But preferred would be Cores I, II, and/or III, Ab Ripper X, P90X Core Synergistics.

3.  Do our taxes.

Informally: complete the Warrior Dash and have fun, keep going with P90X and running and "lots" of workouts, keep tracking water intake and try to hit daily goals (100 oz/day) there.

Weight on 2/28 was 140.8.  So officially 2.8 lbs of weight loss in February.  Here's to hoping that March is the month that sees me permanently in the 130's!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

P90X and Teething

This morning was Arms & Shoulders, my favorite!  Yesterday during Plyo I pushed myself, and as a result this morning my legs felt totally dead.  Glad I wasn't planning a ride or run, although I'm really tempted to sneak in a run this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

I think Zoë may be teething.  Her sleeping pattern is a little wacky.  I used to be about to count on her to be awake for 2 hours, then short nap, rinse, repeat.  But lately her awake periods are varying wildly from 1-4 hours, and her nap lengths are also varying wildly from 20 minutes to 2.5 hours!  Her eating yesterday was also a little off: she only took about 22 oz while I was at work (normal is 26ish) and then she fell asleep hard after only 7 minutes on the breast.  We woke her up after about an hour so that we could try to get her back down at a reasonable time, and when the time rolled around for the next nursing session she made it a 30 minute both-boob marathon, then didn't want to go to sleep.  I put her in her crib, and she soothed herself to sleep without crying (good baby!), and then slept hard all night long.  Also, she is gumming anything that gets anywhere near her mouth.  She'll even bend over when she is in the saucer and start gumming the part that she sits in.  We've started keeping a bowl of teething toys in the fridge, and are trying to rotate them throughout the day.  She also likes a cold washcloth to "chew" on.  There is no sign of teeth when I look at and feel her gums, but I just can't conceive of any other explanation for her change in behavior.

Gramma and Zoë in one of her Astros outfits.

The 1 hour of work-after-work went well on Monday.  Gramma and I worked in the back yard and Preston worked on the loft.  We skipped yesterday, mostly because I was tired and because dinner was a little more hands-on, but I've already informed P that we'll get back to it today.  I figure we'll skip it on Thursday since that is Preston's school night (so that's when I'm hoping for a run), and then on Friday I'm hoping to use that time to start on our taxes.  I hate doing taxes, but I sure love the refund, so I need to pull the trigger and just get it over with.