Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Think I'm Back

Something about the new year always makes me want to blog.  That whole introspective, retrospective thing that I do makes me want to get it all down on paper.

Of course, that is even easier since I haven't been blogging, I know I'm not re-stating myself. :-P

2013's resolution was to find happiness.  Did I succeed?  No.  No, not really.  I'm still just as confused as I was before.  And I wouldn't say I exist in a state of more happiness.  What I would say is that I tried to live more for myself.  Which is something that can be really difficult for new moms to do.  And I think I succeeded in that.  I also tried to take care of some of the stuff that was definitely making me unhappy, and I think I had some success there too.  So while I might not be seeing rainbows and butterflies everywhere, I do think I'm more... stable?  content?  than I was before.

But I have also let some things slide.  So here is the mega update, and then tomorrow I'll post my goals for the new year.

On working out:
It was a tough year for me.  For the first 4 months of the year, when I was living at AD house, I was afraid to run outside, but I was a good girl and did a lot of P90X, and then when I'd be at home I couldn't run outside because of the Z, so I biked a lot on the trainer.  I did run/walk the Heatherington Fun Run with Grasshopper, and that was one of only two races I completed this year, the other being the Stallion Stampede 5K, which I should really do a report on some time.... I was signed up for the Thundercloud Sub Turkey Trot 5 miler in Austin, but I was sidelined by a really really bad bout of bronchitis in mid October that I am only just now feeling almost completely over (except a pulled muscle from all the coughing that persists in my left side near the bottom of my rib cage).  That did turn into the Kid's first Tot Trot, though!  And she did great!

On home life:
We bought a new house.  It seems kind of crazy based on everything that has been going on, but there is this part of me that thinks it may be just what we need.  It is essentially the same size, but one story, newer, and in much better condition.  It is less than a mile from the old house, and even closer to my parents.  It all happened very quickly - my dad was out for a walk one day and called me thinking we might be interested.  We went and looked and I actually thought P was going to nix it, but he didn't.  So the next weekend we went and looked at a few comps and decided to make an offer!  We've been in it about 5 weeks now, and tomorrow's post I'll outline some to-dos.  (Some = A LOT.)  But I'm proud of us because I feel like we are getting accomplished every single day, and that is muuuuuuch preferable to me than the stagnation I was feeling in the old place.

On the Kid:
She's 3 now.  She started reading (i.e. sounding words out, not just memorizing) just after her 3rd birthday.  She is active and precocious and beautiful and frustrating. :-)  She loves to draw and color and play dress up and sing and dance.  She loves her kitties (of which there are 4 (FOUR!) now).  Her best friend's name is Scarlett.  They were born on the same day, so we did a joint birthday party at the Children's Museum and they had a blast!  She also did swimming lessons this summer and I was so proud of how hard she worked and how quickly she was learning.  Her hair is almost to her waist, still very thin and soft and curly at the ends.  Not as red as mine, but I'm still calling it red.  She is practicing really hard now at hopping on one foot.

On AD house:
We did finally rent it out the second half of the year.  Those tenants are gone (we knew they were short term), but we have a lease signed and ready to go that starts tomorrow!  We managed to get all of the floors redone, 2 new window units in, and today is the last day of work for repainting and sheetrock repair.  We think this new tenant (friend of P's family) will hopefully be a 6 monther, at least.

On books:
My committee is winding down.  This year we had to have all books ready by early December.  So I must say I'm enjoying some VERY light reading of stuff that I want to read for the first time in 2 years!

On work:
This year was the hell that I expected it to be.  We are finally up and running on the new system (since July) but I am still working to convert all of our old processes over.  But I can finally, finally see the silver lining.

By the numbers:
1.5 million records migrated to the new system
411 miles biked
91 miles run
38 books read
8 trips (Salt Lake, Cleveland, Austin, Fredericksburg, Big Bend, Dallas, Ft Worth, Galveston)
5 kittens rescued
3 houses
Still only 1 Kid. :-P

Ok, that's where I've been.  More tomorrow on where I'm trying to go!