Friday, April 10, 2009

Is this thing still on???

Ok, I'm back. At least I think I am back. I hope I am back.

I DNS'd the Trolley Run last weekend. I had also planned on running the TLA Hetherington Fun Run the Thursday before. Not a DNS because I had never signed up, but definitely also a mental DNS. The reason? Sickness. I woke up sick on Thursday morning, not too shocking since Preston had been sick earlier in the week, but a little surprising because I haven't been sick in so long. I had to go to work on Thursday and Friday (TLA and speaking at TLA), and so I still felt crappy on Saturday. My entire focus for the Spring, blown in 3 days. And my first ever official DNS.

I'm not as upset as I thought I'd be. I really need a re-arrange on my priorities, and the fact that the CB&I Triathlon is a month out, and I have no more only running races planned means I can stop feeling like I always have to run (and like I'm cheating on running if I swim/bike/lift) and can just try and focus on getting my mojo back.

So, this week went really well. I was still a little tired from all the sick on Monday, but I didn't let it stop me. 5 miles run and 1900 yards swam. Tuesday I was exhausted because I had gone to the Astros Opening Day (YAAAAAY BASEBALL IS BACK!!!!) the night before, but I still got on the trainer for an hour. Wednesday another hour on the trainer. Thursday 4.25 miles run and 2700 yards swam. Gonne lift/core today, and want to brick tomorrow with Sunday off.

Swimming right now is going really really well. For the past several weeks, every time I've gotten in the water I've felt really good, and I've been going faster too. Less stress on my aerobic system, less need for rest on the wall, more yards, and faster. I couldn't ask for anything more. Every time I get out of the pool I feel emotionally lifted. It is awesome!!

Running and biking are a slightly different story. The run on Monday was great, but Thursday blew, and I think that that is because I'm not used to running on dead legs any longer. Gotta do some bricks. Gotta suffer through this period of adjustment.

Biking is ok. I'm really focusing on it, and I am pleased with the amount of time I am able to spend in the saddle (up to 90 minute sessions so far), and I am seeing improvements in my speed, too. Biking will never be my favorite, and improvements are coming slow, but I keep reminding myself that they are coming, and for that I should be happy.

Been neglecting my lifting and core a bit, but that was to be expected when I started tri training again. That was why I focused so much on it at the end of the marathon training... actually I'm taking an aerobic-free day today, but I do plan on lifting and coring when I get done with this...

I'm really trying here. Trying to be back in the saddle, and trying to get my head inthe game. I'd like to try to neglect this blog a bit less too. Just the other day I was trying to remember some stuff, and I came back here to look at my race reports. And I got all the info I need. Sometimes I feel like I lose sight of what this blog was for. I started this thing for me, and its purpose continues to be to help me. I need to use it more. Everything else is a by-product.

Ok, I'm off to the gym!