Thursday, February 6, 2014


So I arrived for Boot Camp today only to discover that it had been moved from the Basement to the 4th Floor.

I looked at my fellow boot camper and said, "Well, the stairs'll be a nice warm-up, right?"

She demurred.


You're about to go let a giant dude kick your ass for the next hour, but you're not gonna climb 4 flights of stairs??

(I beat her to the 4th floor, btw.)


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January Reading Recap

Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant by Veronica Roth: Listened to on audiobook and loved.  It is funny because a blogger I respect totally slammed the trilogy as being all teen angst.  Well... it is.  But, BUT, it has a message.  A number of good messages, really, delivered in an interesting way.  I must admit that by the end I was all, "Really?  You need to lead ANOTHER uprising?  How many of these things can happen to YOU?"  So what started out as a 5 star series for me worked its way down to a 4.  But looking back at Goodreads, I was writing down quotes all over the place.  Which for me is the highest compliment.  It is good.  Highly recommended.

Fan Art by Sarah Tregay: This was a nice YA read.  Elevated a bit by the subject matter, but not super special.  I enjoyed it.

Wait for You/Be with Me/Trust in Me by J. Lynn: Teen romance, lol!  But well-loved teen romance, and I enjoyed it too.

I clearly went with a YA themed January.  YA is my go-to beach read, steady enjoyment, mental break space.  It was lovely!!  I do have plans to graduate back to adulthood for February, though...

2014 running book total: 7

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Slow and Steady

I'm another pound down.  138.6.  I briefly flirted with the 137's at the end of last week and I was pretty excited about it, but no matter... it'll come eventually.

I'm thinking I've reached the first plateau, which was expected.  I know my body was responding to the sheer shock of daily exercise and restricted calories.  Now is when the real work begins.

As for last week's exercise, it looked like this, starting Sunday:
Tae Bo
P90X: Arms & Shoulders
Tae Bo
Tae Bo
Booty Barre
Saturday I was nicely sore and I did a ton of work on both the old house and new, so no exercise.
Sunday was a true day of rest.

This week I'm going to try to add a few double days, on Tuesday and Thursday... we'll see if that takes it up a notch!  I am not doing My Fit Foods this week, and actually for the past 2 days I haven't done prepackaged foods at all, but I am counting.

I can already see a slight difference in my clothes.  Most of my work pants had become uncomfortably tight.  They still aren't loose, but they are far more wearable now, which is really the goal.

I can also feel the difference.  I don't know if I said it in this blog, but back when I started in 2007, I can remember after a few weeks, walking down the hallway at work and feeling different.  I felt like there was a cobra in my belly, coiled and ready to strike.  It is a very vivid memory for me - the day I found my power.  I am beginning to feel that way again.  And I love it.