Saturday, April 23, 2011

Swimming Dream

Last night I dreamed about swimming. It *has* been a long time. Too long. If I had access to a pool (I don't, I'm out of town), I'd swim today, because in the dream I felt so good and sleek and fast. If I could bring that feeling to the pool, I bet I'd really get a little better!

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Friday, April 22, 2011

I want!!

I want to make this, or something like it, with race T-shirts!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Car(s?)

P and I had been talking about a new car to replace the Red Menace.  Then all the layoff talk started at work, and we shelved the discussion until my future looked more certain.

At least, I thought we had.  Then last week while I was in Austin, P went and pushed the issue: he got into a wreck.  He is fine, not even a stiffness, he was going really slow when he hit the idiot who had left her car in the road without her hazards on on a slick wet morning.  But his car is totaled.  Both airbags deployed and the radiator and everything on the front right of his car is busted.  Dude at the body shop said they'd probably total his car if it was new.  But it isn't new.  It is a 2001.  And so we find ourselves in the hunt for a new car.  (If I lose my job, we'll become a one car plus Mustang family (I think we can get the old girl running for not much money, at least for to-the-store daytime type errands.).)  If I don't lose my job, well, we're going to get 2 new cars, because this doesn't negate the fact that my 2000 Dodge Durango, aka The Red Menace, has 180k miles and needs a new transmission among other things.  I've spent all of our married lives trying to avoid two simultaneous car payments, but such is life, and this is what life has given us, for now.

Preston is looking at:

The Subaru WRX

The Mazda 3

The Honda Civic SI

or The Nissan Altima

If there is an option to increase the engine size, you can bet that's the option he's looking at.  All of these are available in 4 doors, and that is the only way we'd buy a car with the Z.

I had originally thought I wanted another SUV... (Well, no, what I really want is another Mustang, but since the Z makes that impossible!) but now that I'm looking at Preston's interests I'm thinking about going the sedan or hatchback direction.  I think he may rule out the WRX for himself because of insurance costs, but I am cheaper on the insurance pocketbook than he is.  I find none of these cars to be sexy, but I guess I've moved to a phase of my life where that can't matter now, so what I do want is something with 4 doors but that drives "sportily".  I want a family car with lots of get-up-and-go.  Decent cargo space would be nice, too, hence the hatchback interest. Oh, and I want a stereo that I can plug my ipod into!!!!  We'll see.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Z's Diet

Yesterday was a no-nursing day because the meds they gave me for my root canal necessitated a pump-and-dump (oh, how that hurt my heart!).  But it was interesting to see how much the Z is currently eating.  She took 31.5 oz of breastmilk in 6 feedings, 1 oz of pear juice mixed with 1 oz water (for the baby belly), and 6 oz of solids in 2 feedings (2 oz breastmilk with oats, 2 with rice, and 1 oz each of mangos and peas).  And I think she might have been willing to take a little more milk at that last feeding, so 40 oz total is a good estimation.  I have quite the eater!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Big Girl Swing

Monday we made an afternoon trip to the park.

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I didn't post last week because Z had her first trip to Austin! (So Mommy could speak at a conference.) We took Gramma with for conference-care. And it went really well! (The conference and the conference-while-breastfeeding.)

So here it is in pics!


First big-girl high chair, which she loved!

Dinner with "Uncle Greg".

At the convention center with Gramma.

Reading on the hotel bed.

First time in her big-girl BOB!

First time in a pool!

That turned into "swimming" in the tub because the pool was too cold.

And in non-Z Austin chronicles:

Weird scarab light fixture in preconference room.

Mom went to EZ's with "Uncle" Billy!

Came back 2 lbs up - miss Austin food, but good thing I don't have regular access! Z did really well for being removed from her environment. And it was a good conference.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Baby Eating Pics

She grabbed her Daddy's cup at Freebirds.

Helping with the spoon.

Not sure about prunes.

She takes her bowl after eating and makes a racket.

And then fingerpaints with food.

Not sure about peas yet.

But looooves apples! She actually cried when we took this away from her. I think we've created a monster!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ABCs of Me

For fun:
A~Age: 29. For one more month.
B~ Bed Size: Queen.
C~Chore you hate: Taking out the trash.
D~Dogs: No, no time.  Cats!
E~Essential Start your Day Item: Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Mocha Cappuccino.
F~Favorite Color: Blue.
G~Gold or Silver: Gold.
H~Height: 5’ 5".
I~Instruments you play: I used to play piano, clarinet, bass drum.
J~Job Title: Librarian IV.
K~Kids: Zoƫ.
L~Live: Houston, TX.
M~Mom’s Name: Sandy.
N~Nicknames: Bik.
O~Overnight Hospital Stays: Only 1, for 2 nights, for having The Kid.
P~Pet Peeve: You're means "you are"; your means "your".  Also, Yay = "woohoo, yipee!", Yea is pronounced yay = "indeed", Yeah (pronounced yah-uh) = slangy "yes".
Q~Quote from a Movie: I quote movies *all* the time, but I come up blank when prompted.  C'est la vie.
R~Right or Left Handed: Right.
S~Siblings: Half-bro and estranged half-sister, both over 20 years older.
T~Time you wake up: 3:15am.  To pump.  I cannot wait until I can quit with that and go back to 4am!
U~Underwear: Yes.
V~Vegetable you Dislike: Asparagus. Gag me with stringyness.
W~What Makes You Late: Nothing.  I don't believe in being late.  I used to have a band director who said, "If you're early, you're on time.  If you're on time, you're late.  If you're late, you're down."  And down meant push-ups.  And I would have done anything to avoid the embarrassment of trying to do push-ups in front of the other kids on my toothpick-sized arms.  So I developed a habit of *extreme* earliness.  And I like it that way.
X-rays ~You’ve had Done: Teeth, wrist, knee.
Y~Yummy Food you Make: Roast and mashed potatoes, a recipe from my mother.  And recently, Oatmeal Blueberry muffins, a recipe from Epicurious.  I also make an excellent Pineapple Pecan cake with a cream cheese icing.  All of these from scratch, of course.
Z~Zoo Animal Favorites: I love all animals,  but seeing them locked up makes me sad.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eating Aftermath: a photo essay

Omg, this bib is so yummy!

Yeah, I'm cute.


Can I drink out of this bowl?

Let me stare off into the distance and play with the tag on my yummy bib.  Busy right now, Mom.

I'm back!  And messy!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Astros Opening Day!!

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