Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009: The Plan

My final 2008 tally looked like this:
Swim: 125,000 yards (71 miles)
Bike: 725 miles
Run: 730 miles
Weight: up 1 pound

So, what's on tap for 2009? What are my resolutions? My goals?

I resolve to try to do what it takes to be happy, whether that be swim, bike, run, rest, work hard, or have fun.

My mileage goals are as follows:
Swim: 141,000 yards (80 miles)
Bike: 1000 miles
Run: 1000 miles
Lift: 50 times
Core: 50 times

My weight goal? Get back below 130 (damnit), and then maintain 125-130lbs.

And now for the plan. The goals have actually been really difficult for me, what with the marathon coming up in 12 days... but the planning, well, my mind needed to move past the marathon about a month ago, so here it is. Right after the marathon, I want to do a swim focus. As in: swim 4 days per week for the month of February. As soon as I can walk/run again, I'd also like to start working on my short-distance speed. I'm running after some PRs and maybe some age-group placings this spring. I intend on racing the Mardi Gras 10K, Park to Park 5 miler, Mutt Strutt 5K, Bayou City Classic 10K, Law Week 8K, and Bellaire Trolley Run 5K.

At some point in the spring, probably April, I need a hardcore bike focus.

Then in May, I'll do the CB&I sprint tri to open up the tri season. I've got this crazy little notion of one tri per month from May-November, but we'll see if it really pans out. I also want to try a longer tri, an oly for sure, and possibly (if that and training go well) a half-iron. Oh, and I want the longer ones to not suck. I think I learned what I needed to from last year to train smarter this year.

I've got 3 potential end-of-the-year plans: either a half-iron in November, in which case I'll take an easy off-season in December; a series of one Texas half marathon per month from November-March (Houston, Dallas, Austin, Ft. Worth, etc.); or train for the Houston Marathon again. A lot of this decision rides on how I feel after January 18th, naturally.

And, even though this post is supposed to be about this whole year, the marathon is heavy on my mind right now, so I'd like to say a bit about it. I'm not feeling that confident. I am actually confident that I can finish it within the time limit. I mean, if I can run 18.6 miles in 3.5 hours (as I did in 70 degree weather a few weeks ago), then I'd have 2.5 hours to walk 7.6 miles at a pace of just under 20 minutes per mile. I can do that, and that is a worst case scenario, because I could have kept running at the 30K. It would have sucked, but I could have done it. So, I believe I will finish. Beyond that, though, I have zero expectations. None. I just want to finish. I just want to finish. I just want to finish. Uninjured would be nice. Smiling would be super nice. Less than 5:59:59 would be sweet. No expectations. This is my first one of these, my first time going the distance. This is just to see what I can do, to create a baseline for me to beat next time.

With all of that said, I'm excited for 2009!