Friday, January 13, 2017

And so it goes

So far so good, maybe?

I have done a great job with controlling my eating so far this month.  There was only one day where I wasn't being super strict, and on that day I had a baby shower, and even there I ate fruit and veggies first and tried to control my intake.  A cupcake was my only true slip, and I keep reminding myself that I never said I'd be perfect and I have to allow myself little indulgences so I don't fall off the wagon and go full binge.

My strategy is a controlled breakfast (300)/snack (100)/lunch (400) at work, and then I went through all of our favorite Blue Apron meals looking for ones under 600 calories that we could do for dinner.  I preferred the ones that are also low-ish in carbs.  Dessert after dinner has been fruit - clementines and strawberries.

I have done a decent job of working out every day... until I got sick two days ago I had only missed one day (not surprisingly, the baby shower day, and that was really because it was 18 degrees outside that morning which made me reneg on my walk) this whole month.  I was all the way down for the count yesterday and today though - really truly about to go to the doctor sick.  So... a B on that so far?

I am pretty solidly down 2 pounds, I think.  I am actually lower than that right now, but it may be due to sickness so I don't want to count it as a real loss yet.  I am really worried about my upcoming work trip.  I've been able to secure invites to lots of free food, but that reeks of lack of control to me, yeesh.  It would be a shame to blow it all up so quickly.  (But if I do, I'll get back on the freaking wagon when I get home and we will do this all again.  Dangit.)  My hope right now is that my lack of eating during this sickness will result in an inability to super overeat while I'm at conference, thus mitigating the damage.  Or something.  I did also buy little to go packs of peanut butter thinking that maybe I can snag bread and jelly at my hotel's breakfast so I can make a lunch, again, mitigating the damage primarily to dinner.

I signed up for this mama site that has 15 minute workouts daily, hoping that that will be short enough that I'll even do it on my trip.  I haven't tried it yet because of all the sickness.  Hopefully this weekend I'll start feeling better and be able to give it a true try.  If I like it I'll post the link.

So yeah, on the wagon and feeling pretty good about my progress til I got sick.  I have a doc apt in about an hour, so hopefully I'll be good as new and following up shortly!

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