Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Goals

I'm not feeling as... regimented this year.  BUT I am wanting to make some changes (as per usual), so here's what I've got.

1. Life: lose weight.  (Weight on 12/31 was 150.2.)
2. Life: work out regularly.
3. Life: eat "better".
4. Work: make a presentation.
5. Work: write an article.
6. Adulting: focus on conscientious spending.  (I don't think every month can be green, but how about 9 out of 12?  And the year green, definitely.)
7. Adulting: file things every weekend so it doesn't get out of control.
8. Fun: improve the garden again!
9. Fun: go on vacation to... somewhere.
10. Fun: take photos!
11. Fun: stained glass (damnit).
12: Fun: camping weekends.  At least 2.
13. Fun: read stuff. ;-)
14. Fun: complete Texas 6-Pack brew run series.

Despite the fact that I'm not feeling regimented, I am planning a hard hit on my bad habits in January as per usual.  Goal is to count the calories, drink lots of water, and exercise daily.  I am already planning a known exception when I attend conference, but other than that, no quarter to the laziness or cravings!  I've also made an agreement with the hubs to curb the spending drastically (even though January is always a red month because of property taxes).

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