Thursday, October 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, Kid

Sometimes I feel like the mom should get something for the kid's birthday.  Today is the day 6 years ago when my body got destroyed, my life got busy, and my heart changed forever.  Shouldn't I get a present for that? ;-)

Aside from all of that, happy birthday to the Z!  6 years old, wow.  She had her doctor's appointment (and flu shot, yeesh) last week and she was officially 48 3/4" tall, which was 95th percentile (only 55th for weight, string bean off the old vine).  I was actually shocked that it wasn't 100th percentile.  Shows what I know.  Strangers continue to believe that she is at least 8 based on her height.  Being very verbal only cements their shock when they find out how old she really is.

She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.  Or an Olympic gymnast because of "all the money".  She is a fabulous reader, and we've seen another breakthrough in that realm in the past few weeks.  It isn't exactly that she can do it better, more like she is less reluctant to do it... instead of asking us to do it for her (which always met with a do it yourself response anyways, nicely though), she just does it herself.  It is awesome!

To me, in the last little bit, too, she seems a bit more flexible.  Hard to describe why - just that she is more willing to sit somewhere with a doll and use her imagination.  I guess it takes a bit less work to be with her, and you can see her continuing to grow into her own person in that way.

She loves Kindergarten.  She has adjusted completely seamlessly.  No tears, making friends, no struggle with the work (although none was expected).  She goes to swim class once a week and loves that too.

She wakes up happy every morning, and goes to bed grumpy, ha!  She loves her kitty brother with an obsessive air.  She is a level 18 Mystic, with only a bit of assistance from her parentals.  She is fascinated by the world around her and asks a million questions, though she can't always be bothered to listen to the answers.

She had a birthday party at the rock climbing gym last Saturday, with friends from her old school and her new, and it was a great time for all.

She is the freshness that reminds me to take life less seriously.  Here's to age 6!

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